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Member Spotlight: Eva’s Botanical Gardens Cafe

Eva's Botanical Gardens Cafe is located in, yes you guessed it, the Darwin Botanical Gardens. They've only been a Plastic Free NT member for a short while but are already making changes in store. We sat down to chat to cafe Manager Celine to see how it's going.

When did you first learn about the damage plastics do to our environment?

As I grew up in a rural area, my parents have always been concerned about environmental sustainability. At home we were recycling, had reusable bags, and were buying in bulk food stores. It's an issue I have heard of since I'm a kid.

After backpacking in several countries, I have also seen the consequences of single use plastics on the environment with my own eyes.

What prompted you to become a Plastic Free NT member?


I have worked in hospitality for a long time, and always got frustrated at the amount of plastic used in the industry. I think there are now enough alternatives to make a change, even if it's little step by little step. We were already heading towards reducing plastic, and when Tracey from Plastic Free NT contacted us, it made sense that we became a member. I hope many businesses join us.

What has been the easiest change for you to make?

Getting rid of plastic bags was an easy step, as well as switching to bio cane containers and wooden cutlery. Overall, it's easy to find compostable versions for most take away items.

What has been the most challenging change to make? 

To be honest, the challenging part is to find the time to research alternatives and suppliers, and that's where Plastic Free NT helped us. Of course, biodegradable options are usually more expensive than plastic, which makes it challenging when it comes to your budget. We are taking it one step at the time.

Where do you see the industry headed when it comes to plastics & single-use waste? 

There have been a lot of changes in the industry in the last few years. Ten years ago it wasn't a concern because take away food wasn't such a big thing. Customers are now expecting restaurants to be more environmentally sustainable. We had to evolve, and I think we're heading in the right direction.

Do you have any comments or tips to encourage other businesses owners along the waste reduction journey? 

​There is nothing to lose by joining Plastic Free NT. I felt no pressure, there's no deadline, just tips and information. Any little change is a win!

Eva's Botanical Gardens Cafe has made some big changes since joining Plastic Free NT a month ago, including:

  • Eliminated plastic bags for paper bags

  • Eliminated plastic sauce cups

Watch this space, many more waste reducing initiatives are on the table for this inspiring business.

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